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When, through my line of work, I was confronted with a problem involving a dog, I desperately needed professional canine advice and immediately contacted Jane. Her considered questions, compassionate approach and obvious in-depth knowledge meant I immediately knew I was 'in safe hands'. Jane's thoughtful approach, sensitive and supportive guidance were proof to me of an educated and experienced trainer whose advice was instantly easy to understand and follow. She patiently talked me through the best ways to relieve the sensitive situation and, in doing so, helped resolve an extremely difficult situation with ease. I was completely blown away by Jane - she is a brilliant and effective communicator! Added to this, she is kind, happy, patient and eager to help - all the qualities we dream of in a dog, err... I mean, dog trainer! It is clear to me, and everyone who comes into contact with her, that Jane is outstanding in her field, professional, ethical, educated and exceptional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Whether a rookie dog owner or an experienced handler there is a great deal to learn from Jane! I wouldn't go anywhere else! Louise Cowmeadow Creator and Series Editor of ‘The Yorkshire Vet’ (Channel 5’s most-watched factual series)Louise Cowmeadow
There are now a great many people offering dog training and behaviour work. But after doing the job for over thirty years, there are still relatively few 'experts' that I would recommend. Jane Ardern is one of those few. Jane has the ability to put anyone at ease, which is so important in helping owners. You can't help the dog if you can't communicate well with the owners. Jane's practical skills are also impressive. Her common sense, easy to follow philosophy is invaluable to both owners and her peers, who clearly respect her. And Jane's expertise with gundogs in particular is well documented. If you are looking for someone to help with all things canine, look no further. Rob Alleyne Dog Trainer BBC’s Dog Borstal, Co-Director of Quality International Dog Training Instructors (QIDTI)Robert Alleyne
Jane is a passionate advocate of dogs. She has developed a deep scientific knowledge and practical understanding of canine behaviour and training. Driven by a clear set of ethics, she succeeds in understanding and bringing about positive change for her clients and their dogs. She combines her ‘dog know-how’ with modern adult-teaching and coaching methods to devastating effect. I can’t recommend more highly. Steve O’Dell MSc AFBPsS PsychologistSteve O'Dell
I have known Jane for many years and worked with her professionally in developing and delivering both theoretical and practical, applied canine education and training programs. Alongside being an inspiring and motivational speaker, Jane has excellent communication skills and has that rare ability to tailor her approach to best meet the individual needs and the learning styles of those she is teaching. One of the most important skills in dog training is the ability to break complex information down into small, easy to learn-and-do steps and Jane is a master of this. She has excellent practical dog training and handling skills backed up by an up-to-date and thorough knowledge and understanding of the latest scientific research in canine cognition and the behavioural sciences that underpin welfare, ethics and their central importance in the emotional lives of both dog and owner. This means that anyone considering enrolling on this course can rest assured that both they and their beloved dog will be in the best pair of hands. Enjoy! Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor BVetMed DipCABT MRCVS Veterinarian, Writer, Behaviourist Veterinary Director of The Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE)Robert Falconer-Taylor
Jane taught us that every single interaction with our dog could have a purpose – be it a learning opportunity; a bonding opportunity; a seeing-your-dog-deliriously-happy-to-engage-with-you opportunity. Jane’s teaching philosophy and her approach to us humans and how we learn most effectively is among the very best I have ever experienced. As the Head teacher of an Outstanding National Teaching School, I was always looking for practitioners who excelled in their field and stood out as something special and extraordinary. Jane is one of those people. She is an inspirational speaker capable of challenging professionals to rethink their approaches to learning and engagement, and as someone who is relevant, effective and engrossing. Jane’s approach to teaching humans how to teach their dogs is directly relevant to teaching in all contexts; dealing not just with children, but with each other and with parents. My regret, thanks to timing and schedule clashes, is that I never got the chance to expose my staff to Jane’s teaching methods and educational perspectives, so in order to re-immerse ourselves in the learning, we got another puppy and signed up for more classes. True story. Rachel Wall Headteacher of an Outstanding National Teaching School Ofsted InspectorRachel Wall