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Waggawuffins is proud to be able to provide the Smart Pup Responsible Breeder Program.


1) Smart Pup Responsible Breeders can use the Smart Pup Breeder Logo.
2) Smart Pup Breeders are listed on the SmartPupBox website.
3) Smart Pup Breeders receive a 10% discount on Month One boxes for new puppy owners.
4) Smart Pup Breeder puppy owners receive a 5% discount on subsequent boxes.

If you are a responsible breeder and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions you are welcome to apply for membership.

Terms & Conditions For Smart Pup Responsible Breeders

Smart Pup Responsible Breeders must adhere to the following criteria:

Provide Smart Pup month one boxes to new puppy owners
Breeding pairs over 18 months
Health Tested as Recommended by KC, Crossbreeds to have individual breed tests completed
At least 12 months between litters
Not more than 4 litters per year
Hold License if required
Evidence of Early Neuro /Enrichment
Home Reared or Regular Home Exposure
Vet Checked Prior to leaving (Owner informed of Heart, Bite, Testicle and Hernia status prior to purchase)
Contract, take puppy back for life
Exposed to Vehicle Travel
Sell puppies unneutered
Only breed from fit, healthy dogs
Have a Sale and Suitability Criteria for Puppy Owners to meet
Puppies wormed with Panacur, Drontal, Mibemax or Generics of same ingredients or evidence of parent and puppy worm counts provided.
Puppies Microchipped
Pedigree and Kennel Club status clearly explained
Puppies sent home with insurance or insurance explained and recommended
Parents of sound and typical breed temperament
Breeding to keep one or supply a waiting list
Microchip and transfer of ownership documents available at sale
Puppies to be sold after 8 weeks of age

Smart Pup and WaggaWuffins Canine College Ltd reserve the right to remove membership status from anyone found not to be meeting all of the criteria or found to be working in a way that is not deemed responsible and ethical.

Click here to apply

Gold puppy plan - Breeders Box

If you are an approved Smart Pup Responsible Breeder, please CLICK HERE to login to your account to order your boxes.

Puppy Training Program, age specific
Training Treats
Training Toy
Enrichment Toy
Training Tool/Equipment

Price: £58.45 per box

(Minimum box quantity: 3)