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Do you have a high-drive dog that’s raring to go? That’s great! A motivated dog is fun to work with, and clearly enjoys the challenges you are setting. But do you sometimes wish you could... [ Read more ]

Do you have a high-drive dog that’s raring to go?

That’s great! A motivated dog is fun to work with, and clearly enjoys the challenges you are setting. But do you sometimes wish you could reign in some of that enthusiasm and produce the results that you both deserve?

• Is your dog too excited to wait on the start-line in agility?
• Is he distracted by people, other dogs, and all the sights, sounds and scents in the environment?
• Does he struggle to process instructions?
• Does he bark and spin if he gets frustrated?
• Is he failing to focus on you?

Instead of relying on old-fashioned methods of coercion, author Jane Ardern, KCAI dog trainer of the year, has devised an emotionally-centred, choice-based training programme to tackle these issues.

By using a progressive series of interactive games she shows you how you can teach your dog to control his impulses and make ‘good’ choices that he will find rewarding. What’s rewarding gets repeated so, in time, your dog will learn a new way of behaving. The two of you will work as a team andbecause you are the fun person who allows him to access all the good things in life, he will try his heart out for you!

Mission Control is essential reading for trainers and handlers in all sporting disciplines, and for those who simply want to get the best from their companion dogs.

Illustrated with over 80 top-quality colour photographs.


I loved this book. It's got a fitting title, nice pictures throughout, step by step instructions for exercises and a nice healthy dose of realistic training. If it needed an alternative title I'd suggest The Dog Trainer's Textbook of Self Control.

I find the topic of self control is a little bit blurry in the dog training world, there's Its Yer Choice and people who hate that. There's dogs laying down with lines of treats around them and people who hate that. There's people training using other animals to teach self control in a realistic setting and people who hate that. Personally my experience with it has felt a little damned if you do damned if you don't. This book takes all of that away. I didn't realise how many self control exercises there were between the exercises I generally did and the first stages. If you're struggling to break self control training down this book is perfect.

I loved the introduction and background theory. I find when you've got an understanding of this down some books can make it very dull and dry to read which loses me in the first few chapters. Jane does no preaching, she states the facts, the importance and drops these awesome little nuggets of mind melting clarity that had me walking around the house trying to fit my skull back together.

The science dropped into the book is awesome, relevant, and so well translated from science talk to normal human language. I have some serious writing skill envy there. It's enough for those who are more experienced to take a cool thing away to go and research, and for those who are less experienced to still digest the simpler level of a paragraph but a seed for something more advanced will have been planted.

This book is perfect for owners and trainers alike. Those who need more advanced stuff will find it in the writing, and those who need to simply follow steps and start have that offered up on a plate with solid reasoning to help them understand the why behind the what when they're ready for it.

In short, go buy this book. Jane needs to write lots more please.

Ema Phillips Paw by Paw Training 


I have loved training with Jane. She is completely connected to you as the handler and the challenges you face. She explains, with science, why your dogs think the way they do, but in such a simple format that so much falls into place its not just a lightbulb going on its the entire Blackpool illuminations. I couldn’t wait for her book to come out and it didn’t disappoint. It’s Janes genius bound in a book. You can start with a pup or you can go back to basics with an adult. I feel more connected with my dogs because I understand why they do what they do. This is not just a book for 2020, it should be on every dog handling enthusiasts shelf. Thank you Jane, you’re an inspiration.

Corinna Hansford Active K9

Having read 1000s of dog training books this is definitely up there with the best of them! Clearly written by someone who knows dogs inside and out and a real expert in dog training techniques. Written in a very accessible style and with enough information that it could've easily been 5 great books!
I've recommended this book to many owners already and will definitely continue to do so.
Ten out of ten from me!

Steve Mann IMDT


I bought this book at Crufts.
This book is perfect for anyone who has a high energy dog and is sick of fighting for control. Jane's writing style is chatty and makes complex dog training theory easy to understand. The exercises are fun for both the dog and the handler and you will love the feeling when you start to work together. There are lots of photos to explain the exercises too. Imagine your crazy canine turning into your under control best mate...this book is the key!

Vicky Payne MRCVS Vet and Behaviorust at Four Seasons Holistic Veterinary Care


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Our training methods are positive reinforcement based and emotion centred. This means we avoid the use of traditional correction and punishment based methods. We prefer to take the favourite teacher approach to helping our dogs learn, understanding the dog’s basic needs for safety, support, empathetic guidance, and trust in the dog/human relationship.

We use up to date science and research using not only an understanding of basic operant and classical learning theory, but also the understanding of neuroscience, emotions, mental wellbeing, ethology, and behaviour.

Learning for dogs and people should be both challenging and fun. We teach people how to be less reactive and more proactive in their handling.