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Puppy Training and Socialisation

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SMART PUP FUN'Damentals 6 Weeks Course SMART PUP's 5C's THE PUPPY BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LIFE Confidence, Connection, Cooperation, self Control and social Competence  Learning... [ Read more ]

SMART PUP FUN'Damentals 6 Weeks Course


Confidence, Connection, Cooperation, self Control and social Competence 

Learning through Training Games, Play and Socialisation
for Puppies under 20 weeks

Unlock your puppy’s potential with our brand new puppy FUN’Damentals Training and Socialisation Course specifically designed for working breeds in pet homes.
Many pet dog trainers, especially newly qualified one’s struggle to understand and meet the needs and drives of working breeds such as gundogs. I often have these dogs referred onto me by other trainers.
This course has been specifically designed by myself, an industry leading expert in working type breeds and puppy training and is for owners of these breeds in pet homes where you can learn to train your puppy like the professionals do.
Is this the right course for you? 
*Are you a new puppy owner of a working breed looking to get the best start in life for your puppy?
*Are you looking for both socialisation and training?
*Do you want to learn with your puppy through fun games and play to help seal that bond and build a great relationship?
Why Choose our Puppy Course? 
1, Expert Guidance
In an unregulated industry you have one of the industry’s leading experts right on your doorstep who is both highly qualified and experienced, specialising in the training and behaviour of puppies. Providing you with expert guidance every step of the way.
2, A Safe Environment
Give your puppy opportunity to learn and socialise with other puppies as well as our sound and socially competent adult dogs in a safe and controlled environment, promoting appropriate socialisation.
3, Games and Reward Based Training
Our training methods are perfectly suited to young puppies as they are kind, fair and effective helping to build confidence, control and trust. Training is easy, fun and enjoyable for you both.
4, Tailored Curriculum available both online and in person
The course content is designed by one of the industry’s leading experts and is designed to address the key aspects of socialisation, foundation training and relationship building between you and your puppy. In class you will practise all the practical elements of game and play based training, while also having online video tutorials and PDF downloads. These will support your learning journey and provide you with the theory aspect of training and socialisation of your puppy.
5, Supportive Community
Join our private social media community where you can meet other like minded puppy owners, share experiences, ask questions and celebrate those wins.
What your puppy will learn ?
Socialisation with other dogs and people
That engagement with you is the best thing ever.
Confidence building with our puppy environmentals.
Impulse Control in all aspects of life from waiting patiently, being calm and relaxed and also being controlled even when excited.
Embark on an exciting learning adventure filled with fun for both you and your puppy.
Class spaces are limited so call Barbara on 0161 762 0174 to secure your place today.


Jane helped me with my last working cocker, and she was such a joy for 13 years.

Even though I am used to dogs I still find the classes with my new puppy beyond useful. So even though i sort of know what we are taught, i still make so much more progress with classes than alone.

The trainers explain things so clearly and the course is so thoughtfully paced. I dread to think where we would be without them.

Thank you
I brought Ruby (my very enthusiastic working cocker puppy) to Waggawuffins specifically to learn Jane Ardern’s positive training way - and it’s been such an inspiring six weeks! Best class set up I’ve been in - no slippery halls with chairs round the edge - Waggawuffins Canine College is just that - it’s a real dog-focussed college with great teaching to help dogs and owners work happily and effectively - Ruby has loved it and I’ve got so much to work on……. The online support is very special too - videos and handouts so clear. Altogether the best puppy class and continuation that I’ve found - thank you all!
Training that works!

Our training methods are positive reinforcement based and emotion centred. This means we avoid the use of traditional correction and punishment based methods. We prefer to take the favourite teacher approach to helping our dogs learn, understanding the dog’s basic needs for safety, support, empathetic guidance, and trust in the dog/human relationship.

We use up to date science and research using not only an understanding of basic operant and classical learning theory, but also the understanding of neuroscience, emotions, mental wellbeing, ethology, and behaviour.

Learning for dogs and people should be both challenging and fun. We teach people how to be less reactive and more proactive in their handling.