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Progressive Gundog


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Progressive Gundog - information coming soon.


We have just completed our first block of gundog training. The course was brilliant, highly recommended! We will defiantly be back for more classes.
Hannah & Roo
Training that works!

Our training methods are positive reinforcement based and emotion centred. This means we avoid the use of traditional correction and punishment based methods. We prefer to take the favourite teacher approach to helping our dogs learn, understanding the dog’s basic needs for safety, support, empathetic guidance, and trust in the dog/human relationship.

We use up to date science and research using not only an understanding of basic operant and classical learning theory, but also the understanding of neuroscience, emotions, mental wellbeing, ethology, and behaviour.

Learning for dogs and people should be both challenging and fun. We teach people how to be less reactive and more proactive in their handling.