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This is a monthly membership for people who are unable to train face to face with us and are wanting to train  and get support online. Monthly membership provides access to all the classes ... [ Read more ]


This is a monthly membership for people who are unable to train face to face with us and are wanting to train  and get support online.
Monthly membership provides access to all the classes 
We have a
Weekly Training and Behaviour Q and A with Jane Ardern 
Practical Training Class with Jane Ardern 
Clicker and Tricks with Helen Coogan
We also have resources to support these classes 
These weekly classes are recorded and available for 2 weeks after the live session
We also have a private Private facebook group for discussion and sharing videos 
Everyone is welcome from pet owners to professionals. 


Jane’s community is a really great resource whether you are a dog trainer or a geeky dog owner just wanting learn about and do more with your dogs. As a dog trainer I find the behaviour chats extremely helpful and supportive, it’s brilliant to have Jane and the other members to discuss your cases with !
The geeky dog owner part of me thoroughly enjoys the online classes which give me inspiration of things to do with my own dogs. This is really a wonderful group to be part of !!
Kathryn Wellock
I love being a part of this community, it is so interesting and I learn something new every time. Everybody is really supportive of one another and if you can't make it one week there is always the opportunity to catch up later.
Belinda Melvin
Jane’s community is a really safe and friendly place to ask training and behaviour related questions and to have discussions. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and Jane so incredibly knowledgeable. If you’re thinking of joining the community, do it!
Roxanne Fontanarosa
Jane's group has been significantly beneficial to me over the years. From training support with my own dogs, support with clients dogs, and support with a business, I have been well looked after over the years. This is a wonderful group to be part of, for those working in the pet industry and for owners keen to learn.
Carrie Harrold
The online community has been an absolutely fantastic resource for me. The ability to share queries, good news stories and training tips with other professionals and dog owners has helped me time and time again. I really love the Tuesday Behaviour Chat with Jane, and Helen's Friday night APDT and Tricks class is a great way to start the weekend. If you are a dog professional or even a really geeky dog owner this is definitely the community for you. Highly recommended!
Sara Bailey
I've been a member of Jane's Membership Community for a couple of years. I enjoy the active community which comprises a broad range of professionals from different backgrounds who are able to share their experience and knowledge. We discuss various aspects of training, behaviour, health or other relevant topics . Jane is a super mentor with a natural capacity for offering professional development. She is hugely supportive of her community members and I have found it a valuable resource and I would highly recommend to other professionals..
Anna Richardson MAPDT 01513
Training that works!

Our training methods are positive reinforcement based and emotion centred. This means we avoid the use of traditional correction and punishment based methods. We prefer to take the favourite teacher approach to helping our dogs learn, understanding the dog’s basic needs for safety, support, empathetic guidance, and trust in the dog/human relationship.

We use up to date science and research using not only an understanding of basic operant and classical learning theory, but also the understanding of neuroscience, emotions, mental wellbeing, ethology, and behaviour.

Learning for dogs and people should be both challenging and fun. We teach people how to be less reactive and more proactive in their handling.