Executive Puppy Training Package

Smart Pup Executive Puppy Training Package

If you are one of those people who understand the importance of getting things right from the start with a new puppy, creating good habits and being proactive about avoiding problems then our puppy package will be right up your street. 

This package included 4 home visits which you can start as soon as you need us.

Some of our clients wait till their puppy arrives home and some have chose to have the first session before their puppy arrives so they can plan ahead and be all prepared. This is really useful if you are a first time puppy owner or you maybe have other dogs or pets and need support with introductions and integration. 

The middle sessions are usually about house training, play biting, rest and sleep time, play time and pre vaccination socialisation and all those general puppy problems people have. 

You can also use one of your home visits for your first walk outside in the big wide world, having a professional dog trainer there to help and guide with new experiences and encounters your puppy will have and supporting you in getting things right first time.  

The package also includes our 6 Week Puppy Course here at WaggaWuffins which you can start as soon as your puppy can mix with other dogs. 

We also provide 16 weeks access to our online content, that is double the usual time associated with the puppy training course. 

The Puppy Package Price is £475.00 

Includes : 

4 one to one home visits 

6 weeks puppy classes 

16 weeks online access

Also as WaggaWuffins is all about rewarding the good stuff, we also provide owners who have signed up to the puppy package, a 10% discount on classes and one to one training if they decide to carry on training with us!!!! 

To book a puppy package call Barbara on 07817771585